Beares - Upington

Schroder Street, Upington


Beares is your caring family furniture store that offers you the right choice for your family in a friendly, caring environment.
Beares support and enhance your family’s living by giving you competitively priced, branded, quality products and affordable prices and interest rates.
Since the establishment of the store in 1930 as a member of Ellerine Holdings and its subsidiaries, Beares has grown successfully to include 203 stores in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland and continue to grow daily.
Beares continues to attract quality customers and employees as a result of our passion for both internal and external customer care.
Through our caring attitude for customers, staff and investors alike we aim to make Beares a “First Choice” retailer for quality, professionally styled furniture (Lounge, Bedroom, Dining room and Kitchen), trusted brand and audio vision appliances, big brand bedding, a range of cellphones and accessories, computers, software and a range of stylish homeware.