Bugzee's Pre-School

26 Bangay Road, Montclair, Durban


Our aim at Bugzee's is to let each child grow as the individuals they are, we believe children learn and develop a lot through play, we run a balanced day of learning and play, we create a homely, secure and happy environment for the children.

Open All Year, our hours are 06h30 to 17h30, we are open in school holidays, but close from the 15th December and re-open on the 10 January, please contact us for further information

Our Curriculum

  • Language - singing songs, story time, reading books (the child); flash cards, theme discussion, visual aids for alphabet, colours.
  • Vocabulary - words, numbers, colours, sounds, shapes
  • Sensory play - breaking egg shells sandpit, shaving cream, sawdust, different textures
  • Fine motor - colouring in, drawing, painting, pasting, cutting, tearing paper, puzzles, logi shapes, play dough, threading, peg boards
  • Gross motor - running, jumping climbing, ball/beanbag skills, balancing beam
  • Math's - identify numbers, counting; hide objects and count when found
  • Science - water plants, moldy bread, mixing water and oil, biodegradable
  • Art - collages, pasting, painting, sticking, beads
  • Worksheets - visual worksheets,(children do the activity with sand, rice etc)
  • Music - musical instruments, songs and music related games