KFC - Theku Plaza

Shop No. 36, Theku Plaza, Portion 121 of the farm Blauwbosch Laaghte A No 8892, Newcastle


It’s no secret that KFC is the world’s most popular chicken restaurant chain.

The KFC Corporation is based in Louisville, Kentucky and is part of Yum! Brands, Inc., the world's largest restaurant company in terms of system restaurants, with more than 36,000 locations around the world.

Every day, more than 12 million customers are served at KFC restaurants in 109 countries and territories around the world. KFC operates more than 5,200 restaurants in the United States and more than 15,000 units around the world.

KFC is world famous for its Original Recipe® fried chicken made with the same secret blend of 11 herbs and spices Colonel Harland Sanders perfected more than a half-century ago. The secret recipe was first developed in 1939. The same recipe is still used across the world today and it really is a secret recipe, locked away in a vault in Louisville, Kentucky! Only a handful of people know the multi-million dollar recipe and they have signed strict confidentiality contracts. Not even the spice companies that mix the secret blend of 11 herbs & spices know the complete recipe.

Customers around the globe also enjoy more than 300 other products -- from Kentucky Grilled Chicken in the United States to a salmon sandwich in Japan. In Southern Africa alone, there are currently over 500 KFC outlets.