Makro - Wonderboom

Stand 95, Lavender West Road, 270 Annlin West x19, Wonderboom, 0182


Makro is South Africa’s premier wholesale merchant, comprising comprises 13 warehouse clubs in the country and two similar dealers in Zimbabwe trading in food, general merchandise and liquor.

The low-cost/low-margin trading philosophy is manifest in the distribution of high volumes of merchandise in selected categories at very competitive prices. A superior merchandise proposition (quality, differentiation, innovation, style, price, etc.) is the cornerstone of the value offering to customers.

Access to a Makro store is restricted to cardholders. This policy has allowed the building of one of the largest and most comprehensive cash customer databases in the southern african distribution industry. The SAP software platform is now being leveraged to further enhance operating standards through the implementation of supply chain initiatives and sales forecasting/merchandise replenishment.

As part of Massmart's drive to be an employer of choice, Makro continues to invest extensively in broad-based development of leadership and management competencies and also in basic literacy and numeracy skills. The company currently employs 5 017 full-time equivalent staff, including 2 700 permanent staff. There are over 55 000 active product units on offer and 1.7m customers have traded with the business in the past year.

Future store development opportunities include the partial refurbishment and the relocation of stores, as well as the introduction of new categories of merchandise. A number of additional large format stores will also be opened in the future dependent on the appropriate sites being available for development.