Master Maths - Arcadia

31 Bond Street, Pretoria, Gauteng


Master Maths made history in 1976 when it was amongst the first educators to make use of audiovisual teaching methods (tapes and slides), to provide individualised extra maths tuition to school children. Master Maths continued its pioneering ways in 1978 when it became one of the first businesses in South Africa to franchise its business concept.

More than 30 years later, the company is still setting the pace with its unique M2 Computer Based Training System for the teaching of Mathematics. This System, which is at the heart of every Master Maths centre, uses voice, animated images and learner interaction to deliver teaching content to learners.

The teaching content itself was authored by highly competent mathematics teachers who used all their years of training, experience and know-how to convert the curriculum into a user friendly and easy to understand format. Learners are under no pressure as the system allows them to work through the modules at their own pace in line with their own level and abilities.

By combining this unique system, which has no equal worldwide, with the disciplines, individual attention and encouragement provided by the Master Maths tutor, they have come up with the ultimate solution from a productivity and efficiency perspective.

Master Maths currently has more than 100 Franchisees operating out of more than 130 Master Maths centres providing individual extra maths tuition to more than 10 000 school learners. Their system is also used in excess of 250 high schools to support and enhance curriculum delivery.