Perky Pets & Vet

186 Main Road, Diep River, Cape town 7800


Perky Pets is one of the leading retail pet shop groups in the country with 10 outlets scattered across the Western Cape.

The new purpose built flagship store "Perky Pets Emporium" located in Diep River, was completed in early 2010. This impressive 2 storey building boasts not only a substantial amount of pet products but also houses, a vet and an award winning grooming parlour under its roof.

Perky Pets first opened its doors in 1904 trading as Atlas Animal Feeds with the first of our many pet shops opening in the 1970's.


Superior quality food and nutritional supplements for your feathered friend.

Makers of quality flea, tick and internal parasite control paraphernalia.

Iams/ Eukanuba
Suppliers of a high quality range of cat, kitten, dog and puppy foods scientifically designed to give keep your pet healthy and in peak condition.

Hill science plan
High quality pet food that has been nutritionally balanced to ensure your pet's health and wellbeing of your pet with the correct nutrients in just the right amounts.

Kaytee A nutritious range of wild bird, pet bird and small animals food, as well as bedding, feeders supplements and treats.

Developed locally by a leading veterinarian, these bird products are of a high nutritional standard and are suitable for many large bird breeds except Lorikeets.

Montego classic A range of cat and dog food and treats, made with the highest quality ingredients, scientifically formulated to supply.

Novartis Producer of premium health products to maintain the health and wellbeing of your pet; products include flea, tick and parasitic worm treatments for your dog and cat.

Pet Pursuader
Manufacturers of pet deterrent kit that protects your pets and your garden.

Petsafe Manufacturers of pet carriers, animal deterrents, pet doors and other pet wellness products.

Rogz A wide range of gear for the funkiest of pets; including such items as leads, beds and toys for your furry companions.

Royal Canin
Suppliers of premium dog and cat food tailored to meet your dog and cats nutritional requirements.

Suppliers of freshwater and saltwater, terrariums and garden pond products from Germany.

Tetra Makers of quality fish and reptile food products and equipment.

Verele - laga
With over 40 years of experience Versele-Laga are able to bring you a range of pet foods and teats of the highest quality.

Vets choice
Manufacturer of premium dog food for all breeds, sizes and dietary requirements.

Wuma Suppliers of a nutritiously balanced complete dog food containing anti-oxidants to increase immunity.