SsangYong South Africa

Eco Fusion 6 Block C 1st Floor, 324 Witch Hazel Street, Highveld, Gauteng


The Korean SsangYong Business Group was founded in 1939 and is now a large conglomerate with interests in cement, oil, paper and financial, information and leisure services. In 1986, SsangYong bought the Ha Dong Hwan Motor Company, which had been making four wheel drives and trucks since 1954.

In 1991, SsangYong formed an alliance with Mercedes Benz, licensing light commercial diesel and petrol engines and other components. The SsangYong Musso has been in production since 1993 and the smaller Korando since 1997.

In 2002 production began of the Rexton and production of Musso Sports Utility began in late 2003. In January 1998, Korean carmaker, Daewoo Motor, took a controlling interest in SsangYong, but during the Asian financial crisis of 1999, the control of SsangYong passed to Korean banks, with Mercedes Benz taking a minor shareholding.

SsangYong the name

SsangYong means twin dragons. It refers to a legend in which two dragons waited 1000 years to fly to dragon heaven. Finally, a single cintamani, which was necessary for the journey, was released.

Each dragon encouraged the other to take it and make the trip until both missed the opportunity. The king of heaven was so touched that he released a second cintamani and thus the two dragons entered heaven together.